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We train and certify Japanese language coaches, specialists for a new era in Japanese language education.

Until now, there was a certain path to certification as a Japanese language teacher: completion of a 420-hour course, passing the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test, or completion of a university or graduate school program in Japanese language education. These teaching methods used the direct method and were exam-preparatory and grammar-centered classes aimed at foreign students. This may have been an adequate method for international students and learners whose purpose was to prepare for exams.

However, today's learners want to learn Japanese not only to prepare for exams, but also based on their own lives and interests. Whether they are businesspeople living in Japan, residents in Japan, or learners living abroad, their needs and wants are different from one another.

We have established the Super Japanese Language Instructors Association, a general incorporated association that creates a new type of Japanese language education to meet this diversifying need. The new generation of coaches we train and certify, "Super JAPANese (JapaNEEDS) Coaches" (a.k.a. Super-J Coach), are able to meet the unique needs of each learner.

What skills does a Super-J Coach have?

Super-J Coach is an international-level Japanese language coach that provides "JapanNEEDS x JAPANese" classes using English as the medium.

What is JapaNEEDS?

To understand the needs of each individual learner and design and provide Japanese language education accordingly.

What is JAPANese?

Not only teaching the language, but also its background and the culture in which it is built.

These combined new teaching methods enable learners to acquire a more natural and deeper understanding of the Japanese language.

[Theory] Designing JapaNEEDS® skills for students.

Super-J Coach's target group for Japanese language education is "Independent Learners" who wish to learn Japanese independently. Super-J Coaches are trained in the latest language theory, "Language Diamond", and have mastered the method of "Language Design" for each learner's Japanese language learning. Super-J Coaches have mastered the latest language theory, "Language Diamond".


[Approach] Skills to connect all time to results.

Super J's policy is to "deliver" results. Our mission as professionals is to ensure a return on the learner's investment (time/funds). To this end, we conduct classes based on the three "W's" and develop lessons that produce reliable results. We have mastered the practical techniques of the "WWW approach," which leads learners to a major goal while meeting their learning goals one lesson at a time. The learners are able to feel their own progress, which increases their motivation and creates a virtuous cycle of learning.


[Narridge] Skills to utilize Japanese road content spanning over 10,000 topics.

Super-J Coach will utilize the intellectual assets of Hiragana Times (first published in 1986), the "Nihongo-do® Content" in its classes. This magazine is a bilingual Japanese-English language study magazine read by learners of Japanese in more than 100 countries around the world. It covers not merely Japanese language skills and knowledge, but also covers a wide range of culture, history, geography, and society in which the Japanese language was nurtured. Unlike monotonous lessons, the "Nihongo-do® Contents" will deepen the students' learning and make the lessons more interesting.


[Technology] Skills to utilize online educational tools

Technology has made learning possible regardless of location or time, and Super-J Coach leverages the latest online educational tools to provide students with the best learning environment possible. We enable students to learn more efficiently and deeply through a customized educational experience for each individual student.


[Vision] Skills that meet the needs of Japanese language learners around the world.

Super-J Coach addresses the needs of Japanese language learners not only in Japan, but around the world. It is important to understand the unique culture and values of each country and region, and to understand how each learner wants to learn and use Japanese. By doing so, Super-J Coaches are able to provide appropriate instruction to meet the diverse needs and help students develop a path of self-actualization through the use of English and Japanese.


The above is a brief description of the theory and practical skills of Super-J Coaches, the technology and vision they utilize. By comprehensively utilizing these skills, Super-J Coaches design "JapaNEEDS®" for each and every student. By doing so, we aim to create a new standard in Japanese language education.

Sample lessons offered by Super-J Coach

Here are some examples of how Super-J coaches can actually provide lessons.

Case 1

Corporate Training 

  • Level: Introductory - Beginner 
  • Nationality: Various
  • Occupation: IT related

Lesson Style:

  • Online Group Lesson (up to 6 learners)
  • 90 mins x 15 Lessons once a week


  • Exploring Japan culture to deeply understand Japanese people’s way of thinking and customs that reflect Japanese language
  • Comfortably communicate in day to day situations, such as restaurant / shop conversation, asking directions, dealing with illness, etc.
  • Expressing oneself that enables learners to build / expand good relationship in the community / workplace

Lesson Contents:

  • Japan Quiz
  • Situational communication practice (shops, restaurants, railway stations, hospitals, ward offices, etc.)
  • My Story (expressing oneself, such as “My hometown”, My hobbies”, “My specialty”, “My dreams”, etc. → Short Speech

Learning Materials:

Shigoto no Nihongo (Beginner Conversation), J-CLUE (Japanese Culture, Language Understanding Evaluation)

Case 2

Daily Communication 

  • Level: Upper Beginner - Intermediate
  • Nationality: U.K
  • Occupation: HR related

Lesson Style:

  • Online Private Lesson
  • 40 mins twice a week / 80 mins once a week


  • To be able to live in Japan as I am (自分らしく)
  • To clearly understand Japanese sentence structure and sentence patterns

Lesson Contents:

  • Output (from the previous lessons, using the vocabulary and structure practiced before)
  • Input (new sentence patterns and vocabulary relevant to the learner)

Learning Materials:

  • Minna no Nihongo 2, Marugoto (Lower Intermediate and Intermediate)
  • Wanikani (learner’s own study)

Case 3

Business Communication 

  • Level: Upper Intermediate - Advanced 
  • Nationality: German
  • Occupation: Business lawyer

Lesson Style:

  • Online Private Lesson
  • 60 mins once/week


  • Expand business opportunities to Japan

Lesson Contents:

  • Language design (prepare presentation, based on learner’s draft in English)
  • Prepare business trip to Tokyo
  • Discussion on business current news (mainly related to M&A)

Learning Materials:

  • ニュースの日本語(focused on stock exchange and M&A section)
  • News articles, TV News videos
  • Hiragana Times (Culture _ Economy)

Case 4

JLPT Preparation 

  • Level: Beginner - Upper Beginner
  • Nationality: French
  • Occupation: Manager in ERP Consultation

Lesson Style:

  • Online Private Lesson
  • 40 mins 3 times/week


  • Pass N4 and improve communication skills

Lesson Contents:

  • Based on the pacing made by the coach, the learner prepares for the lesson (do exercises on his own) and check the answers in the class with coach’s explanation if the answer was wrong

Learning Materials:

  • Minna no Nihongo 1, 2 and Workbook
  • Official Practice Test

Case 5

Daily + Business Communication

  • Level: Beginner
  • Nationality: U.K.
  • Occupation: Archeologist

Lesson Style:

  • Online Private Lesson
  • 40 mins once / week


  • Prepare business trip to Japan

Lesson Contents:

  • Ask Directions, Order vegan food, Buy clothes / souvenirs, Booking bullet trains, Asking questions / Making requests at a hotel
  • Using library for work, Introducing oneself to colleagues, Making small talks

Learning Materials:

  • N/A

You can use the Super-J Coach Database to procure instructors for your school.

We are looking for a wide range of schools to hire Super-J Japanese Language Coaches as partners in opening up the Japanese language education market for the new era.

Schools that understand and agree to the Super-J Japanese Coach philosophy and employment conditions will be introduced on our website as "schools certified to hire Super-J Japanese Coaches. After completing the training at the Association, the "Super-J Japanese Coaches" who are officially certified as coaches will share your school's information with other "Super-J Japanese Coaches" so that they can enter your school as a potential host school after certification.

Your school will not be charged any fees for registering with our service or for hiring coaches. We will provide you with detailed information on each coach, but we leave the final hiring decision up to your school.

Demand for Japanese language study is increasing around the world and will continue to do so in the future. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet these new needs with the traditional approach to Japanese language education. We look forward to working together to develop Japanese language education that sincerely meets the needs of learners.