We evaluate the level of understanding of Japanese culture and language of non-Japanese!

J-CLUE (Japanese Culture & Language Understanding Evaluation)

What is J-CLUE?

This is an evaluation of Japanese culture and language comprehension for foreigners developed by the Super JAPANese Coach Association, Inc. It is not a test that can be prepared in advance, but an assessment (online) that allows examinees to grasp the true reality of their current knowledge of Japanese culture and language, just as a physical examination checks your health.

The evaluation is divided into the following four sections All divisions include not only the language, but also the culture behind the language, including Japanese customs, society, culture, and the Japanese way of thinking. Currently, only division "A" is available.

A: Japanese Knowledge Evaluation for Living
Evaluation how well you can communicate your intentions in daily life.
B: Japanese Fluency Evaluation
Evaluation how smoothly you can communicate in Japanese.
C: Japanese Character Mastery Evaluation
Evaluation of hiragana, katakana, and kanji reading and writing skills, as well as computer input skills.
D: Japanese Culture & Language Acquisition Evaluation
Evaluating knowledge of Japanese language, Japanese society, culture, geography, history, politics, economy, and other aspects of Japan in general.

We will report back the evaluation to you.

An evaluation report will be prepared and provided to you after the test. You will be able to grasp your current level with the score details by overall and genre, and your result of each question, so that you can ascertain your current strengths.

This report will provide you with a detailed understanding of each question, including its contents, areas, and overall score, so that you can ascertain your current strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluation Report Sample

A: Japanese Knowledge Evaluation for Living (free of charge)

This will test your vocabulary and knowledge of Japanese customs and culture.
This is an online test, and all questions are in English.
Total 100 questions (divided into 10 genres, 1 point per question.)
The evaluation criteria are as follows.

Level 1 (90 points or above):
Can communicate in everyday life without problems, and has knowledge of Japanese customs and culture.
Level 2 (80-89 points):
Understands basic vocabulary and Japanese culture, and has a certain level of understanding of communication and Japanese culture.
Level 3 (70~79 points):
Able to communicate generally, but not enough at this stage.
Level 4 (60~69 points):
Able to communicate to some extent on one's own but needs further effort.
Level 5 (50~59 points):
Barely able to communicate with the help of a Japanese person.
Below the standard (less than 50 points):
Communication in Japanese in daily life is not possible without the help of a Japanese person.

Evaluation Field Themes

*( ) is sample questions for independent living in Japanese.

  1. Overview of Japan (Do you know how to say the year of Japan in Japanese?)
  2. Learning Japanese (How do you pronounce "Tokyo" in Japanese pronunciation?)
  3. Going out (What do you do when you cannot say a Japanese phrase?)
  4. Eating & Drinking (Can you order what you want to eat at a restaurant?)
  5. Numerals (How do you read [\10,000] in Japanese?)
  6. Date (Do you know how to read "20 days" in Japanese?)
  7. Appearance and measurement (How do you say "L size" in Japanese?)
  8. People ("kanojo” has other meanings besides "she". What is it in Japanese?)
  9. Business (How to say "suwatte kudasai (Please sit down)" politely in Japanese?)
  10. Daily Life (What are the three situations in which Japanese people bow?)

Free Evaluation Application Form

(Individuals and corporations are welcome to apply.)

[Outline of Application]
Evaluation: (J-CLUE A) Japanese Knowledge Evaluation for Living
Evaluatiig method: Online test (cost: free of charge)
Examinees: Non-Japanese

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For corporations
1. If you are applying as a corporation, please make sure that the person in charge of the application is a representative of the company and that the company name, department name, and name of the person in charge are clearly indicated on the application.
2. We will send the evaluation report after the test to the foreign employee who took the test and the person in charge who applied for the test.
3. Please apply as a corporation if you are an educator who will utilize the service for foreign students.

1. Please note that this test is for foreigners only, and Japanese nationals are not allowed to respond to this test.
2. We will send you an evaluation report by e-mail after the measurement.

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About Super JAPANese Coach Association

We are a general incorporated association established in 2019 with the purpose of promoting the Japanese language and culture to the world. We have developed a new method of textbooks (registered as a utility model with the Japan Patent Office) and J-CLUE to revolutionize conventional Japanese language learning. The development of J-CLUE was made possible with the cooperation of Hiragana Times (a bilingual magazine published in 1986) and We Japanese Language School (opened in 1996, offering lessons at embassies and other locations).

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