Learn Japanese and Get Job Free

Opportunity to Work in Japan and Take Free Japanese Lessons Offered to Skilled Workers

This is a project that aims to offer the opportunity to work in Japan to those who, despite being well qualified, do not have the Japanese language skill necessary to work in Japan. Those eligible for free lessons will be skilled workers who wish to be employed by a Japanese company in Japan.


This project also covers Asians looking to work in Japan using the specific skilled visa promoted by the Japanese government. このプロジェクトは、日本政府が推進する特定技能ビザ制度を利用して日本で働くことを望んでいるアジア人の方々も対象となります。

[1] Free Japanese Language Lessons (Online Lesson or Shibuya Studio Lesson)

After registering your information, companies in Japan will get in contact with you. Super-J will facilitate the interview between you and the company. Based on mutual agreement, the company will start sponsoring you for the pre-JapaNEEDS training session that is customized to your job by Super-J. If you are already living in Japan, you can take lessons at our Shibuya Studio or online as students outside of the country.

Lesson at Shibuya Studio
Online Lesson from Anywhere

[2] Free Job Placement Support

We will connect you with a company that has joined the Skilled Workers JapaNEEDS Project. Super-J will also continue to support you after you start working and living in Japan. You are welcome to visit our Shibuya Studio anytime to meet our staff and students who may be in similar circumstances to yourself.

Work in a Hotel
Work in a Tech Company

[3] Free VISA Support

While taking Japanese language lessons, Super-J will work on the process for VISA / Certificate of Eligibility application for you and the company you will work for. We will consult you and judge what kind of VISA will suite you before the lesson starts. As now Japan has created a new residence status called “Specified Skills Workers”, Japan is welcoming foreign human resources.

Japan Offers You Many Type of VISA
About “Specified Skilled Worker” VISA

Entry Process /申込手順

0.If you have any questions before registering, please contact the “Inquiry Form“.
登録前にご質問がありましたら「Inquiry Form」へお問い合わせください。
1.Register your technical abilities along with your personal information. Any kind of skill is welcome, as long as it appeals to Japanese corporations.
2.Companies that find your skillset desirable will get in touch.
3.Our association will arrange an interview with the employer. If you live outside Japan, interviews will be conducted online.
4.When both parties agree to the conditions, the employer will bear the cost of your Japanese language lessons. The length and content of the lessons depend on your level of Japanese and the company’s needs. If you live outside Japan, lessons will be given online.
5.Your visa will be sponsored by the employer.