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Magical Japanese Learning!

It’s Your Turn to Experience the Magic

Why Magical?

  • You can memorize 100 Japanese words a day! Using our fun memory magic method, you can learn a word instantly and never forget it.
  • You can master sentence patterns with only one casual phrase (the basis of all sentences).
  • You don’t have to learn complicated Japanese script at the beginning. (Our alphabetic English spelling system can be correctly converted into Japanese script).
  • Students who have participated in this learning experiment achieved fantastic results.

A non-academic approach made this possible. Our unique texts are registered with the Japan Patent Office as a utility model.

The “From Scratch Course” Features:

  • One to one (or with a guest of your choice) private online lessons
  • You can take lessons at a time that suits you.
  • Includes lots of interesting information about Japanese culture.
  • A unique and entertaining method that will enable you to master Japanese vocabulary and sentence patterns in a short period.

[Part 1] One Word Communication

Mastering 1,000 commonly-used words

A. Memory Magic Skill Master (5 lessons)

  1. Learning the structure of Japanese using alphabetic script (Glomaji) and the theory behind our magic MAMA method.
  2. Memorizing 44 words to do with travel and other related information.
  3. Memorizing 38 words to do with shopping and other related information.
  4. Memorizing 41 words to do with eating out and other related information.
  5. Master reading numbers, the different counting systems and other related information

B. Other Common Key Words Master (10 lessons)

  • Memorizing visible words (items used in everyday life)
  • Memorizing invisible words (counting, dates and times, appearances, colors/shapes/sizes, etc., the weather, direction and position)
  • Memorizing words to do with human relations (family, relatives, friends and others)
  • Memorizing action words (verbs), explanatory words (adjectives) and question words.

[Part 2] Sentence Building

Combining words you have learned

A. Sentence Patterns (2 lessons)

  • The casual expression “nani kore?” (What’s this?) forms the basis of all sentences.
  • Applying this theory to other sentence patterns.

B. Natural Communication (3 lessons)

  • Daily conversation training (traveling to a destination, shopping and eating out)
  • Situational conversation training (getting on a train, settling in, traveling and handling difficult situations)

C. Magical Script Learning (3 lessons)

  • Memorizing phonetic scripts (hiragana and katakana) with our unique method.
  • Taking a new approach to the study of kanji (ideographic script) structures.

D. Extra Lessons (2 lessons)

  • Unique Japanese Culture and customs. (J-CLUE guide)
  • Evaluation of your study methods and how to utilize your Japanese powers.

A total of 25 lessons (80 minutes per lesson)

★ Lesson fee (Excl. tax) One-on-One Lesson / 80 minutes per lesson, Materials ¥5,000
<Part 1> ¥75,000 (15 lessons)
<Part 2> ¥50,000 (10 lessons)

You can practice your Japanese free of charge at our Online Nihongo Dojo

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The Dojo offers bilingual sessions completely free of charge. A Japanese native speaker (our coaches) will be provided to discuss Japanese culture and language skills with you. Coaches here are those who are eager to conduct lessons by sharing and enjoying cultural experiences. This dojo is a great place for those who have a high level of self-development by trying new materials or teaching methods. Since the dojo provides “practice” sessions, some coaches might not be full-fledged yet, but this is a great opportunity to meet potential new coaches for free while gaining new knowledge.

Free lessons

  1. You will be able to take the first five “Memory Magic Skill Master” lessons from  “Part 1 “One Word Communication” from new Super J teachers making their debut (a senior teacher may accompany them).
  2. You can continue to study the rest of course (paid lessons) with a teacher of your choice or you may choose to retake the preliminary lessons.
  3. No obligation to continue at all.